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[COLUMBUS] Columbusesed Brush
Country of origin: Japan
Material: Hair: Extra -fine stainless steel/handle: Beech material
Professional devised brush dedicated to the highest grade brushed leather
Rust -resistant stainless steel material
0.08 mm extra -thin hair removes dust and cleans the hair on the brushed leather surface.

■ Product details
■ Total length: 160mm

● It is a brush for handling suede and nubacs that shoe polish professionals thought about
(Litter material cannot be used) ● The length of the hair is moderately stiff and is designed to be 2cm that is ideal for raising hair that has fallen asleep.
● It is a design that makes it difficult for hair to come off.
● Can be used as a finish brushing in addition to dirt removal
If you brush it like hitting, you can launch the hair you fell asleep.
● It is a shape that is easy to grasp in your hand
The pattern is curved in consideration of snapping the wrist and using it.
● Kibe uses durable beech materials

[Precautions for use]
Precautions for storage
● Do not use it because the lame part may peel off in the lame material product.
● Store in direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity
● Store so as not to get close to fire
● Please keep it out of reach of your child

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In the case of multiple purchases of only this product or a single item, we will contact you separately for 500 yen (excluding tax).
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