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Vela WWYW-VE01


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The color theme is Tender Yellow. Basic coat sneakers and basic white X gray upper colors are easy to match any style. The color of the neon color accentuates and makes the retro feeling and personality stand out.

The iconic coat -based shoes that represent the 80's are versatile items that are easy to coordinate without being affected by trends. It features a cup sole and a modern upper design. While retaining the concept of the 1980s that seems to be atlantic Stars, the modern expression that has a modern expression is a model that people of all ages want to incorporate it.

Cup sole with iconic coat shoes representing the 80's. Atlantic Stars is an original sole, and the outsole has a large star.

Atlantic Stars

Atlantics Stars who reprinted running shoes in the 1980s
Created by Cristiano Martelli (Christiano Martelli) and Gianluca Zucchelli (Gianleka Zucchelli) of a long -established shoe factory Finest Shoes SRL (Finest Shoes) in Fuchecchio, Tuscany.
A unique coloring that shines the sensitivity of Italian designers and more than 500 types
Playful iconic triple star patch
Each one is all handmade, and the solid quality is supported.
From casual to jacket style, direct an adult's feet.

* Please note that it may differ slightly from the photos, such as color texture, because it is produced one pair at a time.
about 22.5cm ~ about 23cm
about 23cm ~ about 23.5cm
about 23.5cm ~ about 24cm
about 24cm ~ about 24.5cm
about 24.5cm ~ about 25cm
Material: Nylon, cowhide, rubber
Country of origin: Italy
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