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It is a waterproof protection spray that makes it difficult to get dirt and prevent stains.
Capacity: 60ml

■ Product details
● Gives the effect of waterproofing, oil repellency and antifouling and protects shoes.
● Coat fluorine resin on each leather fiber without impairing the flexibility and breathability of leather.
● Can be used for natural leather shoes and other leather products such as glossy leather, brushed leather (suede, nubuck, etc.).
● It is an almighty waterproof spray that can be used for fabric and artificial leather.

[Precautions for use]
● Be sure to use it outdoors that are airy
● Please keep it out of reach of your child
In the unlikely event that you swallow it, please take first aid such as giving water and consult your doctor.
● Be careful of the location to prevent accidental ingestion of dementia.
Give waterproof, water repellent, antifouling effect, protect shoes
It is a mechanism to coat fluorine resin into each surface fiber on each surface so that the ventilation and flexibility of the leather are not impaired.
(Some similar products have a mechanism that adds a membrane to the surface, but compared to that, this product is easier to breathe leather.
) Can be used for any material regardless of leather or cloth

[! ! ! Notes! ! ! ]
This product is free shipping on simultaneous purchases with other products (sneakers, apparel, etc.) products.
In the case of multiple purchases of only this product or a single item, we will contact you for a separate shipping fee of 500 yen separately.
In addition, we may not be able to deliver it in the case of shipping that uses air transport flights such as remote islands, so we may refund.
Please note that
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