Atlantic STARS

Polaris Polaris NBBN-FG24 Japan Limited Product


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Japan limited model. Past popular series Antares-Country-Collection has appeared in Polaris. The Star Logo represents the United States with the design print of the stars and stripes.

A model inspired by the beauty of outdoor vintage. Realizes softness, comfortable comfort and light weight that is gently wrapped. The voluminous sole was equipped with a durable vibram high -tech sole "Fuga Sole" to create fashion sneakers just like a full -fledged trekking shoes. The thick sole enhances the grip power to fit any terrain, and the sole naturally adapts to the ground according to the flexion and rotation of the foot, assisting in a light walking. It combines practicality and design that is excellent in shock absorption.

Virbarm Fuga Sole with stability, durability, and remarkable grip. The wonderful grip power realized by the performance of the rubber and the high technical capabilities, high elasticity and difficulty, maintaining a high sense of stability when worn.

Atlantic Stars

Atlantics Stars who reprinted running shoes in the 1980s
Created by Cristiano Martelli (Christiano Martelli) and Gianluca Zucchelli (Gianleka Zucchelli) of a long -established shoe factory Finest Shoes SRL (Finest Shoes) in Fuchecchio, Tuscany.
A unique coloring that shines the sensitivity of Italian designers and more than 500 types
Playful iconic triple star patch
Each one is all handmade, and the solid quality is supported.
From casual to jacket style, direct an adult's feet.

* Please note that it may differ slightly from the photos, such as color texture, because it is produced one pair at a time.
about 25.5cm ~ about 26cm
about 26cm ~ about 26.5cm
about 26.5cm ~ about 27cm
about 27cm ~ about 27.5cm
about 27.5cm ~ about 28cm
about 28cm ~ about 28.5cm
about 28.5cm ~ about 29cm
about 29cm ~ about 29.5cm
Material: Nylon, cowhide, rubber (vibram sole)
Country of origin: Italy
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