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Shoecare Pack

It is a shoe care set product that can be easily handled easily.

■ Product details

■ Set contents

● Suede brush (body size approximately 160mm) x 1
・ It is a brush dedicated to the superior suede ・ Brushed leather dedicated to shoe polishing professionals.
Use stainless steel material with hard rust
0.08mm ultra -fine stainless steel hair removes fine dust and adjusts the fur
* Cannot be used for decorative parts such as glitter and printing processing

● Sneaker care gum cleaner x 1
・ An eraser type cleaner divided into two colors of white and gray part.
The gray part is contained in sand (powdered file) and is ideal for removing oil stains.
* The gray part cannot be used for decorations such as glitter and printing processing.
(If you rub too hard, you may damage the leather)

● Shoe care mist x 1
・ It is a mist that nourishes brushed and keeps the color tone clearly.
Can be used for brushed leather (nubuck, suede, etc.) shoes, etc.

● Dust, dirt removal, moisturizing spray can be applied and leather retention process.
● Atlanticstars "" Store in the original pouch and provide it

■ How to use
◎ Please remove the shoelaces on the sneakers and clean them.

1. Drop the dust on the shoes with the Columbusesade brush
* Cannot be used for decorative parts such as glitter and printing processing
Dirt such as the sole or upper part should be rubbed with a sneaker care gum cleaner.

2. Sprinkle the shoe care mist container well (make sure that you can empty the first two or three times and the spray inside will come out evenly).
Please spray evenly from the state where it is about 20cm separated
After spraying, brush and prepare the hair tips

■ Precautions for use
● Avoid high -temperature and direct sunlight, and keep it out of reach of children.
● Do not use for anything other than applications
● Test it in an inconspicuous part before using it
● After use, seal the cap etc.
● Some care products cannot be used for special leather such as Nume leather, finished leather, reptile, and glitter.
● Product package is subject to change
Please acknowledge it beforehand
● Some items in Okinawa and Hokkaido are restricted to transport by aircraft.
In that case, the period required for delivery will be delayed because it will be transported by seafood etc.
Please note
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