• Valsport

A brand that knows 100 years of history



The Japanese don't know anything about this brand.
In 1920, it appeared as the first sports brand in Europe.
It is a brand used by legends in each sports world.
VALSPORT is deeply involved in the history of soccer, which can be said to be Italian national sports.
Only about 900 companies in Italy have been 100 years old.
There are not many companies that are loved by cheerful Italians and have been 100 years on the stage of Europe.
It is more than 150 shops in Italy, and VALSPORT products are being developed.
In recent years, it has sublimated from a sports brand to a premium fashion brand.
In the 1990s, the success of athletes supported by the brand and the innovation of products overlapped, and the heyday was the brand.


 1920 when the brand was born

In 1918, World War I was over and the world was about to restart.
Until then, the world was mainly in Europe.
It was the United States that tried to summarize the world with new values.
World War I, which was an unprecedented casualties in history.
After the war in Europe, Italy remained unstable.
VALSPORT was born in an uneasy era where everyone was invisible.


Designer Antonio Valle announced the first sportswear, footwear and accessories in the Italian market.
VALSPORT manufacturing has started from him. It fuses craftsmanship, which is originally breathing in Italy, and technical design.

We will build the value of VALSPORT by making things that are particular about the details. Even now, VALSPORT products are still being created by craftsmen with high -quality and outstanding technologies while incorporating cutting -edge technology. The brand has expanded as a sports brand with gear supporting athletes.

He has contributed to the development of Italian sports entertainment and has created many scenes.
The social situation at that time was quite severe.
In 1920, when the brand was born, the situation may be similar to 2021, when COVID 19 pandemic calmed down.

The times repeat, Valsport is still walking to make many people who love sports and fashion.