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Atlantic STARS Atlantic STARS

A fashion sneaker brand that incorporates colors, forms, and pop details that symbolize the 1980s. Made in Italy sneakers inherited by skilled craftsmanship. In addition to comfort and reliable quality, playful iconic star logo and unique color combination are supported.


The apparel line revives as the Atlantic Stars Wear. Starting from the season theme [Original], we have developed daily clothing that can be used daily in the New Normal era. Items that are easy to coordinate with sneakers as borderless and multi -use wear are proposed.

Valsport Valsport

Established in 1920 as the first sports brand in Europe. With the boomerang mark as an icon, it has been inherited for more than 100 years of history and tradition. Currently turned to a fashion brand. It is a premium fashion brand that sticks to 100%Italian maids using the finest Italian material.

Supermercato Supermercato

SUPERMERCATO, which means supermarket in Italian, was born in Milan, Italy. It is a brand that delivers such value that adds fun and coloring on a daily basis. The fresh and colorful vegetables and fruits are inspired by the power of fruits, as if the excitement I felt at the Italian market revived. Daily wear is attractive with a wide variety of unisex size development.

Tacchette Tacchette

Everything began with trivial conversations such as "How great his Sergio Volpi and his Paolo Podge were". The memorable scenes of the soccer world of the 90's were dropped into the clothing. It is a unique brand full of the desire to make something never before.


A shoe brand from Italy by designer ALESSANDRO VIGANO (Alessandro Vigano). The philosophy of "high quality requires specialized knowledge and high skills", and the philosophy of grasping the essence is necessary to explore deeply and open details in order to see the truth. Is literally "Hidden Under" (Hidnander).