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2020 VALSPORT 100th Anniversary


100th anniversary

In 2018, Cink Estelle concludes a Japan authorized distributor contract. VALSPORT was developed at select shops such as BEAMS and Strasburgo, centered on Tink Estel directly managed. "TourNament" will spread in Japan as a standard for new coat shoes.

And it was an anniversary year of the 100th anniversary of the brand birth in 2020. HoweverThe anniversary event, which was planned for the new Coronavirus, has been canceled, but has been canceled.Limited model to commemorate the 100th anniversary of birthWas sold at shops around the world.

A model with a serial number limited to 1920 legs. The athletes who loved Valsport so far celebrated the 100th anniversary of the brand.





A best -selling model that inspired the coat shoes that VALSPORT has developed. Adopts the finest material such as Italian high -quality calf leather and sticks to 100% Made in Italy.

It was developed with reference to the recipe of the coat shoes manufactured by VALSPORT in the past. Just as Adidas has a stansmis and a club sea in Reebok, ValSport has created a masterpiece of the brand called "Tournament".