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Original shoe making town "Fuchecchio"

Original: "Home"

Atlantic Stars


Fuchecchio, Tuscany


Home of Atlantic Stars is Fuchecchio, Tuscany. A brand was born for about 3 hours by train from Milan, with a rich Italian local. It is a town where nostalgic buildings and rich nature coexist that Japanese people rarely come.



Leather production has become popular in this town since the 13th century. Tuscany's leather manufacturing technology has evolved significantly during the Cultural Movement Renaissance, which spread from Italy to Europe. Traditional methods built from the 13th century have been inherited as the charm of Italian leather, such as good coloring. Until the 1970s, shoes were made in garages in the town until the 1970s. It is a town where so many shoe craftsmen have lived. There are still many factories in the town. The shoes made in this beautiful town may have invisible charms and feelings.