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Pick Up "Nuance color"

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One of the trend colors"Nuance color"。 It is attractive that it can not be clearly said.All Nubuckof3The model is an elegant item in one tone color. Luxury Italian leather is luxuriously finished in a special pair. It is not easy to drop an exquisite nuance color. It is an exquisite Italian brand that has been tanned for a long time and has developed dyeing technology."Antares (mens)"When"VEGA (Women)"Under development. I want you to enjoy adult sneakers with a genderless atmosphere.

Men: Antares Color: Pink ¥ 42,900
Men: Antares Color: Gray ¥ 42,900
Men: Antares Color: Green ¥ 42,900 

Ladies: VEGA Color: Pink 41,800

Ladies: VEGA Color: Gray ¥ 41,800
Ladies: VEGA Color: Green ¥ 41,800