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Legends who loved Valsport

A famous scene that is handed down over generations


There are many prestigious and long -established brands around the world.
Valsport has established the most intimate relationship with the Italian sports world in 100 years of history. There are many legends in the Italian sports scene. It is a creature that forgets most things. However, the famous scenes that remain in the history of Italian sports have been handed down for generations. I would like to introduce one of the famous scenes.

The 1960 Roman Olympics the moment an unknown student got the world.
His Livio Berruti from Turin, wearing Valsport running his shoes and won a gold medal on land 200m. The treatment and environment are slightly different from the athletes who are participating in the current Olympics. Livio Berruti is a 21 -year -old student studying chemistry at school.
Livio Berruti hit the world record in the Olympic semifinals in the world record. He got 20 seconds 5 in the final and won the money medal. It was the moment an unknown student got the world. Four years later, Livio Berruti has also participated in the Tokyo Olympics.

VALSPORT was the first official supporter to provide uniforms, spikes, balls and bags to the prestigious Juventus football club in Italian football.
Legendary soccer players wore VALSPORT soccer spikes and gained a number of glory. Around the 1990s, there were many soccer kids who longed for legends wearing VALSPORT and seek VALSPORT soccer spikes. There are other Italian shoes brands with a long history, but no brand has built a closely relationship with the Italian sports scene.
VALSPORT has built a brand value with Italian soccer.

VALSPORT has supported not only soccer but also a lot of sports such as land.
Needless to say, the reasons for being loved by legends in various fields are quality, detail, and design.
Made in Italy is a solid manufacturing that has been around since 1920. Valsport's technology is still inherited and is now embodied as a fashion sneaker. It is still loved by celebrities who are active in Europe and many fashion Nistas. Italian shoe brand has a deep history, supporting people living in Italy in close contact with lifestyles and sports scenes. VALSPORT with a 100 -year history in Italy in fashion.
I want to introduce this brand because it's not just a long -established sneaker brand.