VisionIn the heart of "smart"
Connect people.

CINQUE STELLE means five stars in Italian.
The CINQUE STELLE philosophy is composed of "five stars".
This "five stars" are shared as values ​​for each employee working, and is the standard for actions and judgments.
CINQUE STELLE is based on "infinite dreams" and this values ​​through all corporate activities
We will continue the challenge with the aim of sharing customers around the world and society with joy and excitement.
  • SensitivitySensibilità
    Sensitivity is to take care of what you see with your own eyes. Always keep dreams, youth and ideas. And to create products and services that are more valuable than their expectations so that customers and dealers will be pleased.
  • ImpressiveCommozione
    The excitement is to make the customer satisfaction and empathy and excitement through Cinque Stelle products and services.
  • GratitudeRingraziamento
    Thanks is to value the communication of everyone involved in Cinque Stelle and express the gratitude.
  • BehaviorAzione
    Actions are to freely think, act based on their own beliefs, and do not forget their efforts. And take responsibility for the results.
  • trustFiducia
    Trust is born from each other's recognition, compensation, and sincerity to play their own role. CINQUE STELLE wants to be a relationship where each working together can always trust each other.

MessageIn the heart of "smart"
Customers and business partners are connected.

I launched Cinque Stele in 2014.
Before that, I worked in Milan, Italy. The days spent in Italy were wonderful, but at the same time, it was time to objectively recognize the goodness of Japan.
One of them is that I used to be immersed in soccer when I was immersed in soccer.
In other words, it is the heart of "smart".
I came back to Japan and started CINQUE STELLE, became involved with many people, and as I moved like a team, I became more and more important.
The "smart" that Cinque Stelle thinks is to think ahead of what the other party is happy to do and do it smartly. To do so, it is necessary to face the other person, grab the heart, and consider what the other person wants. This is an indispensable way of thinking to play team play in soccer. And isn't it required in all situations that interact with customers? Not just customers.
Cinque Stele will become a better team by taking action and choice based on this concept, both in Cinque Stelle employees and the relationship with external partners who do business together. As a result, you will be able to provide customers with higher quality services and experiences.
We will deliver the "5 -star" service, which is the origin of the company name CINQUE STELLE, with the heart of "smart".
Please look forward to it.


Yohei Yoshida

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Yohei Yoshida
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