Refund policy

If you would like to return the goods at your convenience, such as the size or the image is different, please contact us by contact form or telephone within 3 days, including the date of arrival. If you wish to replace the size and image differences, please return it once and order it again.

The inquiry form isHere
phone: 06-4708-5275

However, please note that the following products cannot be returned or exchanged.

  • Sale products, lucky bags, and some other designated products
  • Products that have passed 3 days or more including the arrival date
  • Used or cleaned, laundry, cleaning products
  • "Delivery / product tag / attentive card" damaged, stained, or lost
  • The product (including boxes and accessories) returned to us, which is very different from the time of delivery.
  • If we have received a return product in advance or accepted in advance (in that case, we will return it by cash on delivery) within 3 days after the product arrives.

About the shipping cost of returned goods

Regarding returns due to customer reasons, we will bear the customer.
We will bear it if it applies to defective products.

About cancellation

Cancellation before payment is possible.
If you wish to cancelInquiry formPlease contact us.