• Valsport

Beyond the times. VALSPORT now

The peak of the 1990s and then

The success of the athletes supported by VALSPORT and the innovation of the product overlapped in the 1990s.
But this is the success as a sports brand.
Other brands leap, and the brilliance as a sports brand was lost.
Hiding in the shadows of other brands that make full use of marketing, Valsport is no longer seen in the sports scene.
It was in the late 2000s that disappeared from the sports scene.
The footprints as a sports brand that have supported athletes have been interrupted here.



Brand change period

Many people still recognize Valsport in Italy.
That's because it's a brand that has supported the Italian sports scene.
Valsport, who has finished his role as a sports brand, was trying to reform the brand greatly.
He experienced various changes in business, such as a major change and the sale of brands.
Repeated trial and error, Valsport begins to find the road as a fashion brand.
It is not easy to sublimate from a sports brand to a fashion brand.
And I don't want to fade the history of walking as a sports brand.
Valsport has many creative members.



We developed visual advertisements that incorporate elements that match the trends of the graphics, music, and the trends of the times.
Until then, it was a bold launch that could not be imagined in Valsport.
He appealed for the image of a person who wears VALSPORT mainly with people, not products.
Young women, old women, youths, and various races have appeared in visual ads.
This visual advertisement grabs the cheerful Italian heartWe started incorporating Valsport sneakers as fashion.



Not only in Italy but also in EuropeRecognized as a fashion brand, the brand will expand.
At the fashion exhibition in Italy, fashionistas used Valsport.
The national brand has created a new value.
Valsport has restarted as a historical fashion brand.
Then, in 2018, Cink Estelle concluded a regular agency contract.It will be deployed in Japan.