• Atlantic STARS

Original 1980's

Original: "1980's" Atlantic Stars



Gorgeous 80s

Italian fashion was noticed in the 1980s. Giorgio Armani and others were active. The Italian brand has created costumes for Hollywood stars targeting the American market. Combined the sense of the United States and Europe and succeeded commercially. There are three characteristics of Italian fashion, "quality of the material", "unique sense", and "craft manship". It attracted many people with beauty and playfulness. Italian fashion has a romantic atmosphere somewhere. The Italian brand still inherits this DNA. Italy also fused fashion to the interior design world.



Retro Neaker world view

Atlantic Stars has taken care of the world view of the 80's retro sneakers. It is influenced by the subculture of this era. He still values ​​the backbone that was inspired by the 80's running shoes.

In the first place, the brand name of Atlantic Stars comes from the American R & B group "Atlantic Starr". The reason was that the designer at the time of birth was a fan. Sneakers and music have long been closely related.

Adidas and Puma sneakers were recognized as fashion items in the early 1980s, worn by artists. Atlantic Stars items have been created by inspiring such a gorgeous atmosphere.