• Valsport

"Special" sneakers worthy of that name


VALSPORT, which has created a masterpiece as a sports brand, is expanding as a fashion brand. Luigi, a designer, had previously said, "I think everyone in Japan is currently developing a new model." The new model is finally landing in Japan. The name is "Special". It is a special sneaker.


SPECIAL inspirations are sprinter shoes for short -distance.

He was born as a new design of VALSPORT without being tied to past designs. The atmosphere is reminiscent of vintage soccer spikes and running shoes depending on the material such as leather and nylon. It is light and easy to wear. The volume of the shoes is also familiar to the classic style and creates an attractive foot. Leather models can enjoy aging.


It's not just Made in Italy

The loyalty to quality does not shake.
It's not just Made in Italy.

Materials, sewing, comfort, and other models are the finest. In fact, this Special was scheduled to be released earlier, but it was postponed. The reason was to improve the quality. As expected, it is a brand that has developed products for over 100 years. He has seen changes in the age of sports, fashion, and closely related to fashion. It is not recognized in the world unless you make something overwhelmingly good. That attitude will not change in the future.