[Scheduled to be released in mid -September] Magic Heritage --l.Gray/BLK


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* This item will be the product of the 2022 Fall / Winter season.
The release is scheduled for mid -September.

The specifications and prices will be changed from the current model. Please understand in advance.

Please contact us below for details.

[About model]
It is a dynamic model that uses sporty elements unique to running shoes everywhere. The sole, which is hand -cut and cut, draws a dynamic curve. The EVA material is adopted, combining flexibility and elasticity and excellent functionality.

The upper embodies a vintage feeling by composing a different material in a well -balanced manner, creating a sense of comfort. A model that is described as NEXT SIGNATURE.


VALSPORT is the first European sportwear brand founded in 1920 and is a premium fashion brand that represents Italy.
It has been accepted by people for 100 years and has established a solid position as a legendary brand
Developing a wide range of products from footwear to accessories in various sports, with the vision of sports tradition and technical design, skillfully fusion of both sides.
And we witnessed the historical moment of praise in the Italian sports world and walked together.
Above all, fostered strong bonds and strong bonds, and established a solid position in the history of Italian soccer.
100%Italian maid, accurate craftsmanship that breathe in Italy, outstanding design, premium materials, attention to details, repeated innovation, and sports traditions are consistently rooted in the brand.
VALSPORT has been respecting the brand's history, but has adopted an innovative approach to the design and continues to announce the premium footwear collection.

* The color may differ depending on the condition of the monitor color.
Leather products have individual differences in color and texture.
about 25cm ~ about 25.5cm
about 25.5cm ~ about 26cm
about 26cm ~ about 26.5cm
about 26.5cm ~ about 27cm
about 27cm ~ about 27.5cm
about 27.5cm ~ about 28cm
about 28cm ~ about 29cm
about 29cm ~ about 30cm
Material: Cowhide, nylon, rubber (sole)
Country of origin: Italy
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